My Personal Page
EE, Std. RN, Felipe de la Torre
I am an Electrical Engineer, specialized in robotics and electro medicine. Among my most relevant works are the design and construction of a bed of magneto therapy and electromagnetic equipment to control retinitis pigmentosa and the effect of bone growth in the human body from the accelerated development of the cells by vasodilatation, as well as the design and creation of a bio flog capable of maintaining live bacteria artificially by applying systems controlled by temperature, chemical elements and artificial light with changes in wavelength. Now, I am specializing in the human body to be able to more efficiently apply all these theories to current medicine and to make the life of patients affected with non-curable chronic diseases easier. That is the reason behind my great interest in becoming a nurse, since in this way, I can cover the fields that I currently do not have enough specialization in.
Logos of  the three Universities where I studied

CUJAE- Electrical Engineer, Polytechnic Institute 
MDC- Asociated in Art, Miami Dade College          
Barry University-  Bachelor in Nursing                    

Electrical Engineer with specialization in robotics and electro-medicine. Associate in Arts, graduated in Miami Dade College with Honors.