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I am an Electrical Engineer, specialized in robotics and electro medicine. Among my most relevant works are the design and construction of a bed of magneto therapy and electromagnetic equipment to control retinitis pigmentosa and the effect of bone growth in the human body from the accelerated development of the cells by vasodilatation, as well as the design and creation of a bio flog capable of maintaining live bacteria artificially by applying systems controlled by temperature, chemical elements and artificial light with changes in wavelength. Now, I am specializing in the human body to be able to more efficiently apply all these theories to current medicine and to make the life of patients affected with non-curable chronic diseases easier. That is the reason behind my great interest in becoming a nurse, since this way, I can cover the fields that I currently do not have enough specialization in. 


Electrical Engineer with specialization in robotics and electro-medicine. Graduated in Associate in Arts. Student of Bachelor in Nursing.


Work with patients with retinitis Pre-Graduate of AA in Miami Dade pigmentosa, control and reduction of College where I have 4.0 GPA.  
effect in eyes, muscle and bones. Recognized with Honor Student Smart control of cells in controlled Awards. 
ambient. Awards with my Service Learning with 
Knowledge of medical treatment for Patient with HIV diseases. patients with strong pain product of non-curable chronic diseases, Knowledge of different medical equipment like Teramag, and MRI 


06/2004 to 12/2014 Electronic Technician 
Hard Soft Solution — Miami, FL 

In this company, I carried out several specialized automations and control work to be able to keep live cells in bio flog, as well as the reproduction of the cells without the use of conventional foods. Achieving duplicate production and the same. Now, this project is underway together with several PHD's in microbiology  

09/2000 to 04/2004 Senior Electrical Engineer 
Cuba Medical Equipment — Havana, Cuba 

During this time, I was the head of a team of fourteen engineers and doctors who dedicated ourselves to the design and construction of different medical equipment directly linked to the treatment and cure of chronic diseases. 


1998 Bachelor of Arts: Electrical Engineer 
Polytechnic Institute of Havana — Havana City, Cuba.
I graduated as an electrical engineer, and I was an assistant student for 3 consecutive years, teaching laboratory and working with hospitals associated with my medical and robotic electronics department. I completed my graduation with a gold diploma for my academic results and my collaboration with the different departments attached to my specialty. During and shortly after this time, I linked to the specialized medical industry in both domestic and foreign areas, essentially the companies based in Germany such as Siemens and Omron. 

2017 Associate in Arts: Pre- Nursing 
Miami Dade College — Miami, FL 

I am studying for my Associate's in Art for the nursing program at Miami Dade College where I am getting the maximum qualification in all my mandated classes for this program. So far, I have a GPA of 4.0 and I hope to keep it that way in the classes that I must finish in the next semester.a have participated in different team research groups, such as in Psychology where we study children with cancer, and their relationship with their parents as the disease progresses. I have also done several Service Learning, with the most important one performed for the Anatomy and Pathophysiology class on patients with HIV.